Easy To Cook Duck Breast Recipes!

Duck meat recipes are always the most wanted food recipes at many restaurants and hotels. The reason is simple, people love to eat this food and that’s why they have such high demand. But is a hotel or a restaurant the only place you can eat it? Well, not really, not if you can learn how to cook it. And with our recipe, which is easy and quick, you can make duck meat as grilled or pan-seared, or roasted, braised, or eaten as a confit. Whatever your taste buds are demanding can be served to you, by these recipes.

What makes this special?

The best quality of easy-to-cook recipes is that these food items can be used with another dish, can be just combined with many dishes. And those dishes become premium dishes with this special ingredient and these – duck breast recipes. And then it’s up to you if you want to serve it with fruit sauce or wine. The greatness of this dish will always be delicious to you.

The best duck breast is of those that are specially bred to have a fatty liver. They are usually called Margret and served in various hospitalities by the same name. Another famous dish is brome lake ducks. These ducks are bred naturally, not a special diet. They also have lighter colors; they are leaner and also less dense. These ducks weigh around 225g to 375g.

Margret is usually a higher demanded duck but brome lake ducks have their specialties. A Margret is usually cooked as medium-rare to rare as far as the levels go and Brome lake duck is moister. They keep this natural tendency even if they are cooked up to medium. Both of these ducks are sold individually in different formats.

Benefits of this recipe

Duck Breast is a non-allergic dish so its customers don’t have to worry about any sort of aftermath. But beyond this, there are various benefits to duck breast recipes:

  • A duck that is raised for its meat has a great diet. This means that the duck is not infected by any diseases and has all the elements of a healthy diet without any use of antibiotics or hormone boosters.
  • They can be made in various flavors.
  • They are well portioned, according to your need.
  • Boneless meat is also available.
  • Can be cooked in several ways, roasted or grilled

With such qualities, this dish becomes a must-have for all your guests and fancy days!

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Learn the Way of Preparing a Quick Roasted Duck Recipe

Roast duck is simple to make, if you know the process perfectly. This is because you cook it with the bone and the flavor is high. In fact, using the rich juices, you can prepare wonderful gravy.

A quick roasted duck recipe offers crisp skin, but be prepared to find fat in excess at the pan bottom after the bird is done with roasting.  You can store it in a fridge and can use the pan to roast potatoes next time and enjoy a flavorsome food.

A 15 minutes preparation time is required actually for this ingredient to get roasted. In fact, this is the quickest option and makes the best food with family on a Sunday. The only thing required is proper time to roast the duck. Ensure to set on the weekend few hours and make this quick roasted duck recipe.

If you wish to finish soon, you can prepare other ingredients by the time the duck is getting roasted or even put your feet and relax, while the duck is in the oven. Above all, serve your duck keeping all the sides crispy roasted for a feast and it should be roasted as potatoes.



  • 1 Whole Duck, It may be approximately 2 To 2.2kg or (41/2 To 5lb)


  • Pierce the duck skin all over using a clean skewer. Place in the kitchen sink on a rack, and now pour boiling water more than 2 full kettles on the duck skin.
  • Gently, pat it dry using a kitchen towel and allow it to dry in the fridge on a plate for an hour. Doing this allows the duck to release the fat subcutaneous layer that is under the skin. Then it gives you a crispy duck and not a fatty duck.
  • Preheat to 200 C, 400 F, 180 C fan, in the oven. Place on a rack the duck or support it on a deep roasting tin, so that it releases fat inside the tin to around 300g (10oz).

  • Include sea salt in plenty and roast it for 90 minutes. Once the fat is strained off, keep it to roast.

Remember; do not carve a roast duck. Remove the legs, take off the bone the whole breasts and ease your knife to slice the breast. Thus, you get tender meat for four good servings and all this without fattiness.

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Pasta Alla Carbonara Recipe

Some carbonara details:

There are plenty of types of spaghetti carbonara it problematical to sort them out. Typically carbonara is made from pancetta or guanciale, egg yolk, and mozzarella dairy product included spaghetti. Pancetta is really a bacon that’s been salt cured and spiced with nutmeg, pepper, fennel, dried ground hot peppers and garlic clove usually and dried for around three several weeks. It is normally not smoked (I will highlight steps to make it inside a later article). However, guanciale is really a smoked bacon with pigs jowls included. I lean toward pancetta and barely use guanciale (can’t get accustomed to the flavour). In america, sometimes cream can be used within the recipe, but this isn’t typical in Italy. I give some variations on carbonara, however the recipe here is my personal favorite. Oh, incidentally, carbonara is Italian for charcoal and it has brought to the concept that it had been a coal miners spaghetti (nonsense – nobody most likely knows the origins of carbonara).

A delicacy

I must believe that my carbonara is much more of the delicacy than the usual staple. It’s a non conventional recipe than a single would get in homes in Italy. But it’s so creamy and scrumptious that my mouth waters just considering it. Try my recipe below after which proceed to a few of the variations I would recommend to determine that which you prefer. It’s a great dish for social gatherings.

Ingredients (four to five servings):

8 slices pancetta (you are able to substitute applewood smoked bacon if you prefer a more typical American dish)

1 large onion chopped (you should use leeks but make certain you simply make use of the white-colored tender parts)

2 large eggs at 70 degrees

½ cup mozzarella dairy product

1 tablespoon chopped fresh Italian parsley

1 pound linguine (you should use spaghetti however i can’t stand it since it is difficult to mix using the other ingredients)


Prepare the pancetta inside a large skillet over medium high temperature until done – 8 minutes (I do not enjoy it crisp however, you may decide to lessen the fat by cooking until crisp). Take away the pancetta having a slotted spoon to some plate engrossed in a paper towel to empty (dice or chop into fine pieces). Add some onions and sauté over medium high temperature until tender (about 6 minutes).


Simultaneously, prepare the pasta in salted water al dente style (it literally means prepare the pasta enough to have a small potential to deal with the pasta when chewed – but this can be a few taste and that i recommend what you’re confident with). Drain the pasta but reserve a minimum of ½ cup from the liquid that you simply cooked the pasta in.


Whisk the eggs and mozzarella dairy product inside a bowl after which whisk in ¼ cup from the reserved pasta liquid. Meanwhile, add some pasta towards the onions and stir while heating. Take away the pasta and onions after which pour the egg mixture within the pasta. Stir before the sauce is an excellent creamy consistency and also the eggs aren’t raw (under 2 minutes). Return the mix to some really low heat (don’t overcook since the eggs will curdle). Add a few of the pasta liquid when the pasta appears dry. Stir within the pancetta and parsley and serve adding salt, pepper, and mozzarella dairy product to taste.


I really like the possibilities for variation with this particular dish. The most typical carbonara requires egg yolks rather of eggs. So that you can substitute 4 egg yolks for that 2 eggs within the above recipe (I personally don’t like down the sink the whites). For those who have a trim waste line you can include ½ cup heavy cream towards the egg mixture and a pair of garlic clove cloves (diced).

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