June 2022


Your Shopping Choices and The Environment

The grocery shop decisions you make have a direct influence on the environment. With their buying choices, consumers can make a difference and lessen the environmental effect of the food they consume. We have a lot of influence, and our choices can help reduce the negative impact on our environment.

For more on what you can do at the grocery store to protect our natural lands, check out the resource below!

The Impact of Groceries from Green Rabbit, a cold chain logistics service
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Lids for Cups for Hot Drinks — Key Part

Paper cups are modern, eco-friendly, and high-tech products. They must withstand the high temperature of poured hot drinks and not be deformed, keeping their shape well. At the same time, thanks to the material, the cups are low thermally conductive and chemically neutral — they do not change the taste of the drink, do not color it, and are harmless.

Cups made of single-layer or double-layer food cardboard fit comfortably in hand and allow you to drink coffee on the go. Their necessary companion is the coffee cup lids, which will enable you to close the glass’s contents securely.

Variety of drink cups

Disposable cups made of paper are necessary for the operation of cafés, and restaurants that take them away. It is also an integral attribute of street coffee machines.

It is not a modern invention but utensils that appeared more than a century ago. Instantly gaining popularity many years ago, it still occupies a leading position in the segment.

Paper cups refer to disposable utensils. In addition to practicality and convenience, they provide hygiene, protecting against the transmission of various infections. Paper cups differ from each other:

  • design;
  • size;
  • color;
  • material of manufacture.

Disposable paper cups for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cocoa, juice, lemonade, smoothies, water, and other hot and cold drinks are prescribed.

Main characteristics

Lids have the main characteristic — the diameter (in millimeters), which must match the cup’s diameter. The second important parameter in the design of the cup. The lid may have a ready-made drinking container in the form of a small hole cut closer to the edge, sufficient to keep the drink’s temperature and to drink it.

A more complex design is a break-off “cap” over a cut hole. Consequently, the lid put on the cup is initially airtight. The cap is separated so that you can drink, but not ultimately — you can return it, slam the drinker shut, restoring the closedness of the drink.

The lid for the cup is as essential a part of the Takeaway Coffee segment as the cup itself! Both the buyer’s well-being and the business’s reliability depend on its reliable position. Hot cup lids are a high-tech product that keeps coffee hot as soon as it is poured into the cup and allows you to drink coffee on the go in a predictable, dosed, and convenient way.

Choosing the right lids

A well-chosen lid is an indispensable attribute of any paper cup, especially when it comes to coffee or other hot drinks. Despite its compact size, this accessory solves several important problems: safety when drinking hot liquids; spill prevention and transportation reliability; long-term preservation of the temperature of the drink.

Wide range of goods

To date, lids for disposable cups are presented in a wide range. First of all, they differ in the presence of the so-called drinking bowl — a small hole for drinking a drink and a spot for a straw. The last detail demonstrates that this accessory is also great for drinking cold liquids — juice, cocktails, mineral, and carbonated water. Lids for disposable cups have a different diameter, suitable for the size of a particular vessel on which they are put. Each product is made of a special heat-resistant plastic of different colors, which perfectly tolerates high temperatures and is safe.

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