February 2021


Interesting Facts To Know About The Angry Crab Shack

The idea for the Angry Crab Shack was laid in 2013 by Ron Lou. He was the first Asian American to play in the NFL games. This restaurant was earlier developed as a casual gathering spot. This restaurant’s headquarters is mainly located in Mesa, Arizona.

Top facts to know about angry crab shack

In this restaurant, they mainly provide their guests real and made from scratch seafood delicacies. At Angry Crab Shack, the delicious seafood is made with the various tasty cajun spices. They are mainly offering different options to enjoy the delicious boil, made from crawfish, shrimp, as well as lobster to blue and the Dungeness crab. In addition to crab in a bag boil style, they also serve the delicious freshly shucked oysters. Seafood lovers can enjoy fried catfish, and gumbo. This restaurant mainly provides lunch as well as dinner.

They do have all for celebrating different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, engagement, the pregnancy announcement, etc. They do have ample parking space as well as the wheel chair access.

This restaurant is growing continuously during this pandemic also. They have recently signed new contracts in some of the states like Illinois, Arizona, as well as Nevada. This is in addition to launching some of the new restaurants in Arizona, San Tan Valley, and Orange Beach. Their goal is to have 100 new restaurants to be opened and operating by 2025. They are planning to grow their business on an international level as well.

Top reviews to know about the angry crab shack

  • According to some of the customer reviews in addition to providing yummy seafood, the prices are quite affordable. They mainly provide top-quality services.
  • The customers can pick up their choice of seafood and the chef will ask to choose the sauce of their choice.
  • In this restaurant the tables are mainly covered with wax-paper. These are mainly being used as plates. Here people are mainly using their hands to eat. There are a lot of paper towels which are available on the table and there are also extra sinks in the dining room.

The seafood lovers from near as well as far to this restaurant to experience the broad menu, outstanding service, as well as genuine hospitality.  This is also a kid friendly restaurant. These are some of the well-known facts to know about Angry crab shack.

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