April 2022

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What to Know When Cooking with a Ceramic Glass Cooktop

Cooking is fun when you have the right devices for the task. There are different cooktops in the market, but the ceramic glass stands out. It allows you to cook on a fully level surface, and is simple, clean, and easy to maintain. Therefore, if you understand the guidelines, you’ll enjoy using your device for years.

Should I use a ceramic or induction hob?

Most people don’t distinguish the differences between the ceramic vs induction hobs. However, both have distinct features. Induction hobs are energy efficient and easy to maintain. Similarly, the ceramic hobs heat up faster and feature safety systems. They are also ideal for heat-sensitive pots and pans. Therefore, the most suitable cooktop will depend on your needs and the type of recipes.

Let’s look at some factors which determine your choice of cooktop:

  • Cost

When we talk of price, the inductions hobs are more expensive compared to their ceramic counterparts. The reason is that induction hobs need special pans to cook. On the other hand, ceramics are quite cost-effective. Besides, you don’t need special pans; they are compatible with any pan.

  • Energy efficiency

The induction cooktop is energy-efficient because it simply heats the pan. The pan automatically turns off when you remove it from the burner, allowing the cooktop to cool down quickly. A lot of energy is required to heat the cooking zones in a ceramic cooktop. Furthermore, the equipment remains warm for a long period once you stop cooking.

  • Speed

An induction cooktop heats up faster mainly because it uses a magnetic field. Due to this field, no element is needed, and the cooktop is quicker since it heats the pan directly. Similarly, the ceramic hob takes time before warming up. And this is because the hob has to heat the heating element first before heating the pan.

How to cook with ceramic glass cooktop- The elements matter!

While using a ceramic glass cooktop, you have to be familiar with its elements. For instance, there are dual elements to turn on when using dials, and understanding how to use them goes a long way. The settings are also worth mentioning.

There are several settings, which will depend on the type of food being cooked. For instance, if warming food, you should turn one or even two on. For roasting and frying, number 7-12 is ideal.

Other things to note are:

  • Your cooktop features four elements. Two are dual-zone elements, and the cooking diameters are clearly marked.
  • The elements turn red when turned on, and the indicator light on the control panel will also glow.
  • The elements will cycle on and off; this happens to maintain your chosen normal heat settings.
  • Cleanliness is key and you should clean off any residue with a ceramic glass cleaner after use.

Final thoughts

A ceramic glass cooktop is a handy device when it comes to time-saving. However, using the particular type of hob can be challenging if you are not used to this type of burner. Therefore, consider the ideas mentioned above, and enjoy delicious meals.

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