Try These Tricks for Making Amazingly Perfect Smoked Barbecue Ribs

Cooking is an art that cannot be done by everyone. While some cook to satiate their hunger, some do it as they enjoy eating. When people praise your recipes, you wish to cook various other dishes to impress them. Barbecue is also a type of art. The right amount of charcoal, smoke and oil determines the flavor of the meat.

Not everyone are experts and know the exact temperature in which fresh meat is to be prepared. Overcooking or undercooking of the meat can be decided only after tasting. Moreover, if your food isn’t up to the mark then spending long hours in front of the grill goes waste. Smoked ribs are a family dish, which is either prepared at home or ordered from a restaurant. It’s simple to prepare, but requires good quality of pork or beef. Marinating also plays a vital role which is done a night before to enhance its flavor.

Here are few tips that can help you prepare barbecue smoky ribs easily –

  • The temperature of entire rib should be 160 degrees after cooking on the griller.
  • Since ribs have excessive fat, you don’t need extra oil to cook it.
  • To give flavor you can use beer or apple cider vinegar to spray or brush on the ribs.

If you pursue these few things then your ribs will reach maximum point of delicacy.

Although these were some secretly used tips that gives your barbecue a flavor, but the steps mentioned below are the right way to prepare ribs –

  • Pick fresh pink ribs from your butcher that was not frozen.
  • A night before the barbecue, marinade your ribs and remove the membrane from the back of it.
  • Apply olive oil, honey, mustard or vinegar and rub it finely so that they give a flavor after cooked. Once you have applied dry rib rub properly, put it in the fridge for the entire night.
  • Next morning an hour before the barbecue take it out from refrigerator so that it comes down to normal temperature.
  • You will have to preheat your smoker. Utilize an oven thermometer to check if it is 255 degrees accurate.
  • Once the coal has burnt to the desired temperature then you can start adding wood to it to increase fire.
  • Once you see low flame of fire then you can put your ribs on the grill and cook for 5 to 6 hours. Remember, it is not cooked until its reached 160 degrees.
  • Lastly wrap them in foil to place it again on the grill to make it tender.
  • Once it is cooked, cut it in slices and display on the table.

It might sound easy, but if the flame is not low and heat isn’t accurate then your ribs wouldn’t be juicy and the thick part of ribs will not cook well.  Cooking ribs is easier than brisket, which is why most barbecues have ribs rather than meat.