Cooking Tips

Do It Like a Pro: How to Cook the Perfect Omelet

Regardless of where you go for trendy brunch in NYC, there is one thing that is ever-present in the menu – eggs. They can be cooked in different ways, but one of the best ways to enjoy it is when it is cooked as an omelet. Different ingredients can be incorporated for a distinct flavor. With this, keep on reading and we’ll share some of the tips that will make it easy for you to cook an omelet like an expert!

Use the Right Pan

The first thing that you need to have is the right pan, which will help make an omelet worthy of being served in the best Italian restaurant in Manhattan, such as Scarpetta . An 8 or 10-inch pan will be more than enough. The larger the pan is, the thinner the omelet will be. More than the size, it should also have a non-stick coating so that the egg will slide perfectly on the surface.

Add Water to the Eggs

Some of you might think that the secret to making a fluffy omelet is milk. While the latter can work, there is another secret ingredient that you have to know – water. This is going to make the egg lighter and it is not as heavy as milk. After cracking the egg, just add a few drops of water on the bowl and mix thoroughly.

Whip It Right

Proper whipping is another omelet cooking hack that you need to learn. Ideally, you should do it in a single direction, making sure that you apply enough force. Whisk the egg vigorously just a few seconds before they are poured to the pan. Do not whisk them too early. Also, beat the eggs until you cannot see white flecks.

Watch the Heat

When it comes to the secrets of cooking the perfect omelet, another important factor is the heat. You should never cook on high heat. Eggs are quite quick to cook, so there is no need to hurry by keeping the fire at a maximum. Instead, you should cook in low heat, which will reduce the risk of overcooking and browning.

Mix Egg on the Pan

After pouring the egg into the pan, do not just wait until it is fully cooked. Once you see that the bottom is already partially cooked, slide the spatula on the side and carefully fold the egg. Mix it as it continues to cook, allowing the liquid eggs to flow underneath the parts that have already been cooked.

Add Flavoring

This is a matter of personal preference. Once the egg is in the pan, you can add your choice of flavor. Start by having it seasoned lightly with salt and pepper. As for the toppings, you will have endless choices, which will include bacon, mushroom, sausage, and onion, among others.

Not all omelets taste the same. They have different ingredients and are cooked using a variety of techniques. With the tips that have been mentioned above, you can make an omelet like a gourmet chef!