3 Cheap Catering Options for Large Social Gatherings

You make plans to put together a large social gathering. You’re on a restricted budget. This means you must feed a large number of people at an affordable price.

The key to inexpensive food catering is utilizing strategy. You must first evaluate the type of occasion, the number of people invited or estimated to come, and the general target audience.

You can then determine whether less is more, more is less, or food catering should be a group activity. The factors of the occasion and variety of individual are vital to choosing how to serve the fare.

Less is More: Hog Roast

A hog roast is an entire pig that has been slow-cooked for around 5 to 12 hours. Not only is it a classic meal, but it’s an ancient feast that’s been around for centuries.

The reason this is considered to be a “less is more” idea is because you only need to buy one pig, which contains a lot of meat on its own. You’ll be able to feed everyone seconds and still have pork left. There are two options when it comes to this type of catering, you can hire a team of hog roast caterers or you can hire the equipment yourself and buy a hog from the butcher.

This meal type is best for casual, outdoor gatherings. People of all ages can enjoy barbecued pork. Make sure the party lasts the whole day so it can end with the hog roast meal.

More is Less: Appetizer Buffet

When people are given a lot of food options that they want, then chances are that they will take just a little bit of everything. One tray of fancy appetizers can go faster than ten trays of cheaper, more delicious finger foods.

People are more likely to take more food if there are three or four containers of cooked food to take from. A variety of smaller foods that are quicker and more affordable to obtain and assemble can fill up a crowd faster.

This can also apply to desserts. Instead of one giant, expensive cake, purchase multiple, normal-sized portions of desserts. This tactic is useful for formal parties that don’t last an entire day.

People Invited can Participate in Food Catering

You can host a potluck where people bring their own foods and drinks. That way, you’d only need to purchase or make one dish or beverage. This is for casual parties with friends and family.

The resulting banquet of a potluck could contain a wide variety of food. You don’t have to guess what your audience likes. If someone doesn’t like any of the other foods, then they could eat what they brought.

Organizing a large gathering could be affordable with the right strategy. As long as you know your audience, set up the right food for the right occasion, and obtain a smart amount of fare, you’ll be able to save a lot of money.