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Healthy and Yummy Indian Dinner Ideas

The authentic Indian essence is best felt and enjoyed through its variety of cuisine from across the states. For those of you looking for nutritious and mouth-licking dinner ideas, here’s a list full of ideas for you; from simple and comforting veg pulao recipes to flatbreads, and from traditional curries to your favorite Paneer dish. Dinners are the most difficult meals, given how we often run out of ideas, owing to our loss of energy after a long day. Quite often or not, we turn to consume junk and dining out as a result of getting jaded with the same old recipes.

Here are some of the quick healthy and tasteful Indian dinner ideas that you would love to whip up at home.

Tangy Lemon Rice

Thinking about how to make your leftover rice productive? Lemon rice is one of those amazing recipes that you can cook easily. To make the dish lesser mushy and sticky, always let the overnight refrigerated cooked rice soak the flavors. You can use pre-cooked basmati rice for this recipe. And for the sake of enhancing the texture and flavor of the rice, take the help of roasted chana dal and urad dal.

Cashew Butter Chicken Masala

Only something as heavy as cream and butter can render a rich and comforting quality to chicken. But when you wish to create a healthy version of the butter chicken recipe, you can always add a rich texture to the dish using cashew butter. While the chickpea flour is used to make the sauce thick, you are free not to use it if it isn’t available. To speed up the cooking process, think of marinating the chicken 30 minutes ahead of time. This dish is best served with steamed basmati rice or roti.

Slow-Cooker Dal Makhni Recipe

Use a slow cooker to prepare the brilliantly delicious dal makhni recipe. Cook the lentils for as long as they do not turn tender. You can always buy urad dal from Indian markets to achieve that creamy result. The urad dal is easily available in Indian supermarkets. The urad dal is used for preparing dal makhani because the bean seamlessly breaks down, rendering that rich and creamy look to it. Either serve the dal makhani with simple yogurt or top it with green chutney for some added taste.

Bhindi Masala

Okra (Bhindi) is disliked by thousands because of its sliminess. But you can always prevent it by cooking the same over a high flame and by frying them in abundant oil. For the healthiest bhindi masala recipe, use the littlest amount of oil and prefer a non-stick pan. And to bring out the authentic taste of Indian Okra, use some red chili powder. Prefer serving the Bhindi Masala along with your favorite bread or yogurt.

A few other Indian dinner recipes that you can attempt are Indian Spiced Chicken Pitas, veg pulao recipes, roast chicken dal,  vegetarian tikka masala, etc. All of the recipes are packed with health benefits and make for the perfect Indian dinner that isn’t only filling but also nutritious.

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Why branded paper cups are perfect for promoting your business

One of the most influential branding mediums that any business can use to engage their esteemed customers is paper cup branding. They offer a positive and impactful interaction with the customers and thus cement a lasting impression of your brand, which means more business coming your way.

This article is aimed at outlining how custom branded paper cups will help your business grow.

 Brand exposure

Unlike the branding that you do in your coffee shop, assume you have 20-30 different customers who consume coffee from your shop. Each leaves with the cup which they carry around. That means your brand has time to sink and associate your brand with the pleasant feeling of the coffee. You can compare that with the amount you’ll spend on paid Google ads, which don’t amount to any revenues. Within a short span of consistently serving your customers with branded cups, more people will know your brand, which means more customers, and thus, your bottom-line improves tremendously.

Targets the streets

Research has revealed that coffee is the most popular drink globally, with Brits drinking an average of 95 million cups per day. Tea comes second. Often, coffee is sold on a takeaway basis, meaning that most consumers drink while walking in the streets. If your branding is eye-catching, you’re going to attract the attention of many, and therefore you’re more customers for your business- after all, who doesn’t want to have a taste of something good, like well-packaged coffee. Customized paper cups are great for printing your latest promotions and brand messages.

Exhibitions and events

Everybody who comes to the event or exhibition is a potential customer. You’ve to make an effort to attract them to your stand and know that coffee is a favorite for many; having the branded cups works so well. The good thing is, you don’t use the cups for coffee only, but other products also like snacks or sweets. That makes a lasting impression on your brand. The printed cups are walking adverts and, therefore, a simple and effective way of promoting your brand and products/ services.

With the printed cups, you have a place to begin the conversation with potential customers, engage, promote your brand story and refer them to your website. That boosts your level of relationship, and thus they can trust you for more business.


Your customers are eco-sensitive; that means they care about the environment, and therefore, if you’re using eco-friendly packaging, they’re more likely going to work with you. Your printing cups should be 100% recyclable to make paper that can be disposed of in a better way. Your customers will be happy to work with you because they know your products are sensitive to the environment.

Branded paper cups are a great way of advertising your brand. Unlike posters, business cards, and those other printed materials, custom paper coffee cups are a great way of presenting your brand. You have the brand not only printed on the cups but imprinted in the minds of the customers.

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Whisky For Beginners – A Simple Guide

For many people, Scotch is a classic drink of Scotch whiskey. The sweet flavor of the low-calorie liquid is something that is very welcoming to several first-time Scotch drinkers. However, a great many older drinkers still prefer their older fashion, single malt scotch. Fortunately, there is an alternative to drinking old scotch – Whisky for Beginners.

Whisky for beginners can be difficult to find if you are a true enthusiast of this age-old style of Scotch. In fact, many of the older brands of scotch tend to have a rather bland taste. The flavor tends to be woodsier and herbal, not much different from their less-aged counterparts. However, there is hope. Many companies have been distilling scotch or at least making it in large quantities, for a few years now.

Another great alternative to drinking scotch must on its own is Single Malt Scotch. This is lighter in nature than the traditional scotch and usually made from dithranol or geranium. Both ingredients lend the flavor to the final product, making it a delicious option for drinks such as collages. You can also enjoy a nice tasting scotch must on its own, although you may want to consider what type of smoky flavor you will get if you mix it with your favorite drink.

A third option is to try a new selection of premium scotch. In the last few years, a couple of American brands have begun selling scotches that are a little less smoky. This is the perfect option for someone who wants a mellow flavor without getting the heavy smoky flavor. Some of these include Burr Oak, matured peat, and hickory barrel-aged scotches. Premium scotch has become quite popular in America over the last couple of years, and these options are quite delicious.

The rye whiskey of America is usually not aged at all, instead being made from 100% malt extract. Distilled using both mashing and hot water, the resulting beverage has a very clean taste with a medium body and a high alcohol content. Commonly, American whiskeys are produced using a mashing process which produces a more intense alcohol blend. Unlike most whiskies on the market, which use mainly the first method of mashing, American rye whiskies use the second, which yields a more subtle and complex flavor.

It also undergoes a longer fermentation process than most malts, which means that the final product has a higher alcohol content (and therefore more flavor). These differences lead to a great deal of difference in each batch of this highly popular drink.

If you are looking for the perfect summertime drink, consider a nice glass of rye whiskey. There are all sorts of unique flavors available. Whatever your taste, there is sure to be an appropriate rye for your next summer vacation!

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