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5 Undeniable Benefits of Ready-Made Meals

Are you bored of cooking your own meals? Have you exhausted all your “easy” recipes for weeknights? 

Even if you love cooking,  there might be days when you have nothing new to try out. Moreover, if you are balancing family and home together. In that case, you have little time, budget, or space to whip up creative dishes in the kitchen daily is difficult.

Easy meals can be repetitive and can turn unhealthy if you are not careful while preparing them. Keeping track of what you eat while being on a particular diet makes cooking difficult during busy evenings. In such situations, an online ready-made meal service seems like a boon from heaven. 

There are several benefits of subscribing to online meal services. Let’s discuss some of them to see if ready-made meals are the right choice for you.

Meal Service Will Save You Time

Do you ever feel 24 hours falling short of everything you need to complete in a day? After getting home from work or school, you only get a few minutes to sit and relax before running to the kitchen to prepare a healthy yet tasty meal. You might have to pick up the kids from school or dance class or complete your class assignments.

So, before you even realise it, it is time for dinner, you need to take a few shortcuts to prepare the meal. Here you might run out of ideas and turn to unhealthy meal options.

Opting for ready-made meals will save you the hassle of cooking and allow you to spend some more time relaxing. You will get pre-made, healthy meals delivered to your doorstep at your preferred time slot.

Ready-Made Meals Are More Healthy

When you barely get time to cook at home, it is hard to eat a balanced meal every day rich in vitamins, proteins, nutrients, and fibre. To get food on the table in time, you might use unhealthy shortcuts like using canned food, frozen vegetables, and processed meat containing high sodium just to fill your stomach.

While you might not feel the negative effects immediately, unhealthy eating habits will take an adverse toll on your body in the long run.

You can keep track of your eating habits and eat freshly made dishes by subscribing to customised, home-cooked kinds of meals. Premade meals come in handy if you follow a special diet like keto.

You Get to Try New Cuisines

Eating the same dishes repeatedly because that is what you can cook quickly becomes boring after a point in time. After a hectic day, we seldom have any energy left to test the limit of our cooking potential and whip up something new. This is where pre-made meals come into the picture. Online ready-made meals allow you to try out new cuisines slightly different from your regular food choices. You can choose what kind of dishes or cuisines you want while ordering these meals.

So, you will have control over your food choices but will not be involved in the hassle of making them.

Pre-Made Meals Reduce Food Waste

How often have you thrown the leftovers in the garbage? You will only increase the amount of food waste if you and your family fail to finish every morsel on your plate daily.  

Ready-made meals come pre-portioned to ensure that you finish what you order. It is also customised as per your capacity of eating for each meal. So, order the amount you can eat and reduce food waste by a significant amount.

Ready Made Meals Save You Money On Groceries

If you are someone who likes to get creative in the kitchen your wallet will take a big hit with the frequent grocery runs. Your recipes might require out-of-the-season food items that are very expensive or spices that are rare. 

Moreover, you will need to make sure you use the new grocery items to make other dishes. We frequently eat the same thing because we reuse grains, vegetables, and spices, preventing them from being thrown away.

While you can add new things into the mix, ensure that they are reusable in other recipes. So what is the point of paying all that money for truffle oil if you will not use it again?

With pre-made meal plans, you pay for the portion size, which you can customise later. So, you do not have to spend additional money on food items that will sit on your shelf after maybe one or two use.

In Conclusion

Order your ready-made meals online and sit back and relax without having to rush around the kitchen to cook meals. Cut your workload with these healthy pre-made meals, and keep your diet strong.

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Cooking 101 – Incorporating Wine Into Your Meal

Pouring a glass of wine to go with dinner doesn’t require much work. Making a lusciously hearty stew or a delicate cream sauce with wine, however, takes some attention and maybe a little practice. To help, here are a few pointers on incorporating wine into your next delectable dish.

First, there are a few ground rules when cooking with wine. The most important is to choose a wine you already like. If the taste is too dry or you simply don’t like dark reds, its flavor in the dish could very well be a turn-off from the whole thing. Put simply, if you wouldn’t drink it, don’t cook with it.

Another notable tip is to opt for quality wine. While it’s easy to add a few bottles of “cooking wine” to the cart, you’ll be happier with the finished product by opting for an inexpensive but drinkable quality. A final rule is to only use wine that has been properly stored. Wine can go bad and when it does, it has a vinegar taste which won’t fit with the recipe. Be sure to use fresh wine for the dish and to refrigerate any leftovers.

Generally, there are three main uses for wine in cooking. It can be a flavoring agent, an ingredient for a marinade or used as a cooking liquid. Whichever method, the goal is to accent, intensify and enhance the existing flavors and aromas of the other ingredients – not to mask them. This means a small amount is usually all that’s required, or you risk overpowering the dish.

It’s also important to time it right, as the wine should be added sooner rather than later. As wine is cooked, the alcohol evaporates and leaves behind a concentrated flavor, along with acidity or sweetness, depending on the type. When it’s added just before serving, it can be harsh and won’t work its magic of reducing and imparting its flavor. Along those same lines is waiting at least 10 minutes before tasting. That way, it’s had enough time to incorporate, and you can give it a taste test.

Which wine goes best with what? Typically, white wines are used for lighter meals and seafood, while reds are in meaty or hearty dishes. Due to its acidity and structure, white wine is often the go-to for dressings, cream sauces and in marinading seafood. It’s also great for deglazing pan sauces while sautéing fish, pork or even mushrooms. Reds are great for deglazing as well, but more ideal for seared lamb, duck or beef. They’re also preferred for tomato sauces and in slow-cooking stews.

Of course, there aren’t any hard rules, so feel free to experiment. When just starting out, opt for the more versatile types, such as merlot for red and pinot grigio for white. These are simpler than some of the other varieties and may be easier to pair with the meal. For further pointers on cooking with wine, please see the accompanying resource created by experts on commercial kitchen equipment.

Infographic provided by Iron Mountain, a commercial kitchen equipment provider
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Diet Tips during Chemotherapy

While we hope you won’t ever need it, we at Breast Cancer Car Donations have created a checklist of practical tips to help guide you in eating healthy during your chemotherapy treatment. While this may not be an end-all solution, it offers helpful tips that can give you ideas and help you start your diet plan. Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor on your diet plans either. Continue reading for dietary inspiration.

Healthy Diet Tips for Chemotherapy from Breast Cancer Car Donations, a non profit car donation foundation

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