Your recipe for preparing Duck legs confit

Did you know that confit duck legs are best cooked using the traditional French recipe? The best part is that this can be a full meal or better yet used as an appetizer in various households. Duck meat has for decades now been a great source of proteins for many people. In case you have an event and would want to surprise your family or guests with a delicious bowl of duck legs confit, the recipe below will serve you exactly how you need it to. This here is the right duck recipe you ought to follow when preparing this dish today.


  1. Duck legs
  2. Rendered duck fat
  3. Pepper
  4. Salt

For cooking purposes, you will need an oven in order to attain the crispy skin and tender duck meat after cooking. Remember the duration of cooking also depends on which oven you are using.


There should be no cooking juices that should be added to the duck legs nor should any preservatives be added to it. You also need to ensure that you use generous portion of meat in the traditional cooking pot for a better meal.

Use few ingredients when cooking the duck especially the above said ingredients. Use them in the right amount to prevent your duck from losing its taste. To substitute pulled pork, you should consider options like pizza, sandwiches, cassoulet, and tacos and amuses bouches to eat along with the duck meat.

Use a traditional pot for your cooking as that is the most approved method to get the desired results from your cooking. The duck should be cooked and ready to serve after around 15 minutes of cooking. Find out below the right procedure to follow when cooking your duck legs confit.

Microwave cooking

After getting your duck legs confit, insert them in the microwave safe dish.

You should then set the heating to about 1.5 minutes.

You can then remove the bones and skin from the duck legs confit to make eat with the salad of your choice.

Oven cooking

If you choose to use the oven, you should preheat it to about 4000F before commencing the process.

You then need to place the confit but the skin side must be up to start roasting in the oven.

Allow it to heat for 10 minutes before you can uncover it and begin baking.

To bake it well use broil for that crispy golden skin to surface.