A Guide to Purchasing Halal Sweets in the UK

Many Muslims agree that shopping for Halal products in the UK can be challenging, even trying to find sweets for the kids can be difficult at times.

Halal Section

If you are looking for Halal sweets in a supermarket, you may find it difficult to find these products. Some big chain stores offer Halal sections, but most don’t supply Halal sweets for birthday parties and other occasions. The easiest way to find them is to search online and order in bulk from a reputable organisation. This way you know the products are Halal-friendly and free of any pork derivatives.

Halal Sign

When buying any kind of Halal products, make sure they contain a logo that certifies they are Halal-friendly. You can now purchase Halal sweets from specialised suppliers who stock famous brands such as Haribo. If you find products which are suitable for vegetarians, you are almost guaranteed that they don’t contain any type of animal products, the chance of them containing pork fat is very low.

 Country of Origin

Many products you’ll encounter are imported from places in the Middle East or the owner of the company is Muslim thus understanding the importance of sourcing Halal sweets which are free from popular ingredients like pork gelatine. Look for products which come from countries such as:

  • Qatar
  • UAE
  • Egypt
  • Turkey

It can be challenging to find Halal products like sweets for kid’s parties and other events. The best place is to look online when searching for legitimate, recognised suppliers.

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