May 15, 2017


Old Montreal’s Hotel St-Sulpice’s Sinclair Restaurant has Three Event Spaces To Choose From

Whether you are live in or around the Montreal area or you are planning some travel there, on business, if you are looking for a place to hold a corporate event, the Sinclair Restaurant at Le Hotel St-Sulpice might be perfect for you. Located in Old Montrael, the hotel alone offers an eclectic Old World charm with modern sensibilities, but the Sinclair Restaurant truly takes the cake.

No pun intended.

The Sinclair Restaurant employs some of the most innovative and intelligent chefs in the region. Offering refined, multiple-course, prix fixe menus all day long, the Restaurant also provides an once-in-a-lifetime experience during special holidays throughout the year.  Many locals and visitors alike enjoy specialty Christmas and Mother’s Day brunches here, as well as New Year’s Eve events and more.

With this in mind, then, it should be easy for you to see why it would be a good idea to consider booking a Sinclair salle de reception privée for your private corporate or family event.  And the good news is that you do not necessarily have to book a room at the hotel to enjoy the convenience and the excellence of the exotic menu.  To book your corporate (or family) event, you only need to choose which of three different room sizes will best accomodate your gathering.

The Executive Lounge

First on the list, The Executive Lounge is, essentiall, a board room. It can comfortably fit about 10 people (including tables and chairs) for board meetings or, perhaps, as a small gathering space at a bigger event in one of the larger rooms (see below).

The Salon St Paul

For a larger meeting space, you could consider the Salon St Paul.  This space is large enough to fit around 65 people for a meal or meeting and as many as 100 for (standing room) cocktails.  This makes the space ideal for a meet-and-greet or a mingle event, at a decent price. It could also work for a smaller wedding reception, milestone birthday party, or even a graduation party.

The Salle Le Moyne

Finally, we have the largest space in the Hotel St-Sulpice Sinclair Restaurant’s corporate meeting areas. This is the Salle Le Moyne, which can seat up to 80 people for a board room meeting or for dinner and roughly 120 people for cocktails. Obviously, this room could suit any function mentioned before, but with a few dozen more guests.


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Organising a Buffet for the Event

Buffets present an ideal catering solution for an array of occasions. Many professional caterers offer affordable buffet services, producing scrumptious cold or hot food which is able to eat, departing one less factor that you should be worried about. First you will have to decide which kind of buffet is better appropriate for the event. Will visitors be sitting down or standing? Lots of occasions don’t see visitors sitting down at formal platforms. They permit visitors to unwind at small cocktail tables, sofas, standing tables or pub seating. Although visitors can sit lower, these kinds of buffets are frequently known as standing buffets, or fork buffets.

These fork buffets really are a common catering solution for funerals, corporate occasions and kids birthday parties occasions where visitors might want to catch-track of one another or make conversation or network with new people. Fork buffet foods are really simple to eat with no knife, although you can get offers for. Foods are small and could be eaten with little mess or clumsiness. Fork buffet foods include sliced meat, salad, and salad accompaniments for example pasta or potato salads. Caterers brings fork buffet food towards the venue, without resorting to cooking facilities, making fork buffets well suited for business conferences or outside occasions for example marquee weddings.Finger buffets don’t require utensils whatsoever. They sometimes contain bite-size foods for example sandwiches, quiche, pork pies and sausage rolls, and are generally appropriate for virtually any less-formal event.

Finger buffets would be the least formal dining option, so might be less appropriate for any special day like a wedding, and under impressive in a business meeting. Hot buffets and sit-lower meals at occasions provide a more formal dining experience, but tight on scope for visitors to maneuver and speak with differing people, are frequently more costly, and caterers will frequently require cooking facilities on-site to make sure food stays hot. Additionally they generally require visitors to become hungrier, and it is hard to select a menu which everybody will love. A great caterer can place possible dishes that you should select from and focus on any sort of needs. You shouldn’t be afraid to question if they’d like to help make your favorite buffet dish, you should also consider vegetarians and food intolerance.

Buffets are simpler to organize than formal meals, as an array of dishes will make sure visitors will find a thing that that they like. When preparing a finger buffet or fork catering you’ll need a great number of dishes, together with a balance of meat, carbohydrates for example taters or bread, and vegetables for example salad dished. Also consider deserts, possibly a cake is appropriate for the event.You will have to know the amount of individuals the party before ordering your buffet food, and you’ll desire to order some extra. For those who have counted children within the party as adults they might not consume a full adult portion and ordering extra might not be necessary. Consider if the buffet table has sufficient area surrounding it for the amount of visitors, you wouldn’t want a lengthy queue while dining. With the aid of a great caterer, feeding visitors at the event ought to be the least of the troubles.

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