May 4, 2017


Tips on Choosing the Best Catering Services Provider

There are many things that can make or break an event. One of them is food. The quality, flavor and appearance of the food and drinks can create a memorable experience among your visitors or make them regret accepting your invitation. You need to hire the right caterer to take care of the event. Here are some useful tips to consider when hiring a caterer.

Get Your Numbers Straight Before Booking

You need to estimate the number of people who will attend your event. This will enable you to pick a catering service provider who can handle the guests effectively. Caterers have different specialties. Some are more effective with smaller events while others are specialized in bigger events. Therefore, be specific about the type of event you plan to organize and the variety of food options you are expecting.

Consider the Menu Options

Every company that offers catering services in Manhattan has a standard menu to choose from. Others allow their customers to choose their own menus. Make sure your caterer has different menu options that can be updated to keep up with the current trends and meet constantly changing customers’ needs. He should also be in a position to revise the menu accordingly and even organize tastings to come up with the final flavors for your event.

Request for Samples

You cannot know the potential of the catering company if they cannot provide you with samples of their dishes. A good provider should give you a sample of what they intend to offer at the event before you finalize the deal. The company should also show you how they plan to present the dishes to your guests.

Consider Staff Availability

Make sure the catering service company has enough staff to fully service your event. The number of people you need will depend on the size of the event and the variety of dishes you plan to serve. For instance, for a buffet, you may need four people at the serving joint for every thirty guests and three runners to take care of the dishes and replenish the chafing stations. You will also need a captain of service for every five members of the staff. Discuss your plans with the company to ensure all your staffing needs are met.

Cost of Service

The cost of service should be the last thing to consider when choosing a catering service company. Some companies may offer very cheap rates to compensate for poor services and bad reputation. You need to establish a comprehensive budget first before you compare quotes from different providers. Choose providers who offer rates that are closer to your budget. Ask them about any potential hidden fees and make sure they provide the right mode of payment.

The Final Thought

Finding the right caterer is an important process you cannot afford to ignore. You need to find a caterer who can provide the best dishes and ensure your guests are served with the dignity they deserve. The process should be handled with a clear mind and definite plan to get the right provider.

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