The Difference between Best and Worst Quality Chocolates

Chocolate is one of the best choices favored by people, who can’t live without eating sweet savories. However, differencing bad chocolate and good chocolate can be only done after you taste, aroma and visualize the chocolate bar.

While buying the products prepared by cocoa bean you need to know a few things that differentiate bad chocolates from the good ones. It is not easy for even the chocolate product makers to know which chocolate ingredient will taste best to manufacture superior quality of chocolate bars. Every consumer of this delicious sweet should know its composition, formation and its qualities.

How is chocolate composed and produced?

The process of making world’s best chocolate starts from picking up the cocoa bean, which is found mainly in tropical countries like Western Africa, Columbia, Mexico and Costa Rica. The beans are extracted from the cocoa fruit, then fermented and dried in the plantation premises. The basic chocolate flavor develops during the fermentation process and drying of the beans is essential to trap the flavor of cocoa.

The dried coco beans are cleaned in manufacturing workplace. To blend different flavors varieties of coco beans are mixed and powdered together. To enhance the main ingredient quality, the beans are roasted to deprive it of any amount of moisture which if remains will spoil the taste of the final product.

The taste of the chocolate depends mostly upon the length of the time taken to roast the beans and the setting of the temperature. When roasted the outer shells falls off to reveal the central nibs. The nibs are again processed to separate the butter from it to form cocoa cake.

The cake is powdered to have the main ingredient to make chocolate bars. The cocoa butter is mixed with milk, sugar and other ingredients to make the chocolate sweeter to taste.

The final flavor which you taste is a blend of multiple processes which the chocolate making ingredient undergoes. Each step of making the sweet bar is complicated and need expert makers of it to flavor as per the taste of its consumers.

What qualities differs good and bad chocolates?

Superior tasting qualities will have major proportion of cocoa and negligible quantity of emulsifier, lecithin, milk and other blending flavors. All the ingredients and flavoring agent is mixed together in specially designed machines in the process called conching. Tempering is done as the final process to crystallize with the cocoa butter. The mixture is poured in moulds, which harden and they are wrapped in designed foil.

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