A trip through beef jerky.

Beef jerky, original made in South America so as to be able to cure meats in a way that makes meats last much longer than they normally would even if cooked, because of these certain tribes in what is now known as Latin America, it became popular to smoke and cure meat so as to increase the amount of food that could be kept in storage and also the amount of time that meats could be kept in storage. Beef jerky is made by cutting the type of meat you chose to turn into beef jerky into strips of varying sizes, being that it’s wholly dependable on who is making it most companies will have the meat cut by machine so as to have uniform strips of meat in order to make it easier to package and weigh out, but when made at home you can get creative with your sizes shapes and weights of your meat and as a matter of fact I recommend it. That being said because of modern packaging techniques as well as pasteurization methods the shelf life of a piece of beef has gone from a couple days maybe a week if properly cooked to something along the lines of 14 months for modern beef jerky assuming it’s in it’s package which unless you’re in the process of eating it there shouldn’t be any reason why you’re keeping it open.

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