September 6, 2018


Frozen vs Fresh fruits: What’s better? Find here!

We all know that fruits and vegetables are high on nutrients. Besides basic vitamins and minerals, most fruits are also high on antioxidants and many are considered as superfoods, such as berries. This brings us to the question – Should you have frozen or fresh fruits? Here’s a quick take.

Understanding the basics

Fresh produce is great, but for many regions, the same isn’t a choice. Fruit farming requires effort, right temperature and weather, and some varieties only grow in selected regions. As such, freezing such varieties is the only way to increase shelf-life. There are nutritionists who actually vouch for frozen fruits over fresh produce, and the reason is simple -nutritional value. Most fruits are harvested by hand, often ahead of ripening, and that doesn’t allow the vitamins and nutrients to develop naturally. Some fruits are stored for months before being consumed by the end consumer. Eventually, fresh produce is also stored in a controlled atmosphere, which affects the nutritional value. In case of selected fruits, the depletion in such nutrients is more in case of fresh produce as compared to frozen fruits. Also, fruits that are meant to be frozen are usually picked up or harvested later, which allows better development of nutrients.

Compared in that respect, some of the fresh produce may take weeks to get transported and sold in the nearby markets, which reduces the good nutrients considerably.

Understanding frozen fruits better

There are brands that sell organic frozen fruits, and these are actually good for you, as far as healthy contents are concerned. As mentioned, fruits are picked when ripe, which ensures that the natural vitamins and minerals are at the peak. The fruits are then washed, cleaned as required, and in case of organic produce, the same is tested for pesticide residue. The packaging is often done on the same day. Yes, some fruits are actually treated with a kind of Vitamin C or often sugar, which increases the shelf-life, but that isn’t the case with organic produce in most cases. There are no chemicals or additives added, so when you open a pack and have some berries, the same is in the best form that you can find.


Not to forget, frozen fruits can be consumed in a number of ways. Make your smoothie on the go or have a few as an evening snack – the choice is yours. Check your local store and stock a few varieties now!

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