5 Tips for the Perfect Dinner Party

We all like to entertain now and then, and inviting special friends round for dinner is a great way to spend a leisurely evening. The right ambience, a mouth-watering menu, and good company are all the ingredients you need for stimulating conversation, and if you are planning a small dinner party, here are some tips to help make the occasion enjoyable for you and your guests.

  1. Outsource the Food – Preparing a varied menu will take up all your time and a little more, while calling in a caterer will definitely stretch your budget. Luckily, online takeaways provide the perfect solution. Using the Internet, if you ordered Chinese takeaway in Bristol, delivery would be in a matter of minutes, and it takes next to no time to prepare for serving. The major headache for the host is always the worry that the food might not be up to scratch, and by ordering from your favourite takeaway, you can be sure your guests will really enjoy their meal.
  1. Vary the Menu – You want to be certain that there is something for everyone’s taste, and by ordering from multiple takeaways, you can mix and match. Great appetisers and delicious desserts can be tastefully displayed, and with the host not having to cook, your guest will feel the centre of attention. Check with your guest to see if anyone is a vegetarian, and you might like to include some gluten free bread, just in case.
  1. Choose Wine Carefully – Your guest will appreciate fine wine with their meal and you can easily find out their preferences. Make sure you have plenty of everything, especially ice, and with a nice cheese board and some excellent coffee and liqueurs, you are halfway there.
  1. The Ambience – An essential component of any dinner experience, creating the right atmosphere will ensure that your guests are relaxed and comfortable. Background music is always a good idea, just make sure the volume is such that everyone can have a conversation. Lighting can be adjusted as the evening progresses, and with LED solutions, you have a wider choice of colours and effects.
  1. Preparation is Everything – As with most things, making sure you have everything at your disposal will ensure that the evening flows. If you are using an outside source for your food, be specific about the delivery time, and that is the major headache taken care of. The kitchen might not be needed to create the menu, but it will be the place where appetisers are prepared and the food is arranged prior to serving. Make a playlist of suitable music, and with a separate seating area, you have the ideal place for pre-dinner conversation. If space is limited, you will have to improvise, and if the weather is agreeable, consider the terrace as the place to dine. Insect repellent is a must if this is the case, and make sure the dining area is not too windy.

Entertaining at home can be a stressful experience at the best of times, and ordering the food from takeaways, you are free to focus on the other essential areas to ensure the dinner party will be a success.